Notice to Parents and Families

Dear Parents and Families,

We are writing to inform you of two changes to our district calendar for John L. Hensey and Beverly Manor Schools. First, Fridays through January 8th will be Remote Learning Days, in which all students will learn from home. In addition, schools will be open Monday, November 2nd, which was previously scheduled as a day off for students. Instead, there will be no school for students on Tuesday, October 13th. A new Parent Calendar was sent to parents via email this afternoon.

Remote Learning Days count as attendance days for staff and students; however, all students will be learning from home on those days. Reasons for adding Remote Learning Days on Fridays through January 8th include: (1) a physical break for students from wearing masks, (2) additional time for teachers to connect with remote learners, (3) additional time for teachers to plan lessons, and (4) additional time for deep cleaning of buildings and buses. 

For parents seeking childcare for Remote Learning Days, our district’s Latchkey Program will be open on those Fridays. For information about our Latch Key program you may contact Mrs. Connie Wort (Latchkey Director) in person by (1) calling the John L. Hensey School office at (309) 745-3625 and asking to speak to Mrs. Wort, (2) by voicemail at (309) 745-3625 (extension 241), or (3) by email [email protected].

We appreciate your continued cooperation. It has certainly been a team effort in keeping our schools open for six weeks. We are committed to keeping our schools open. 


Chad Allaman, Superintendent

District 50 Return to School Plan