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Manor Gym

District 50 Athletics

We are proud of all the athletic and extracurricular opportunities that are offered at Washington District 50. Whatever your interest, we try to have a club, sport, and activity for it. Feel free to take a look at the description of each activity and reach out to the sponsor with questions, calendar dates, or simply offer your availability to volunteer!

Scroll for more info about each sport, or click on "Schedule" for a calendar of events.

Baseball (Schedule)

Baseball is a fall sport that takes place from August to the last week in September. Tryouts will commonly take place at the beginning of August. Student-athletes entering the grades of 6th, 7th, or 8th grade may try out. Each student-athlete must have a current physical turned in before stepping on the field for tryouts. The head coach for the junior high baseball program is Nick Pacelli and the assistant is Nate Price. He has been the head coach for District 50 for the past 5 seasons. He is also the varsity assistant coach at Washington Community High School. If you have any questions about the baseball program, please contact him at [email protected]. During the summer, there will be open field dates for incoming 5th to 8th graders that will be communicated on the school website.

Boys Basketball (Schedule)

For sixth through eighth-grade boys, the Wildcat Basketball team is led under the direction of Mr. Wilson & Mr. Schertz. Tryouts for boy's basketball typically occur around the middle of October. All boys must have a current sports physical on file or bring one to the first day of tryouts in order to try out. There are no exceptions per IESA rules. The season runs from October through January for the seventh and eighth-grade teams. Depending on the number of players, there may be a sixth-grade team also.  It begins in the middle of January and runs until the beginning of March. Our coaches are committed to developing all players as athletes and to help them grow as students and people with skills such as citizenship, respect, work ethic, and more. Cheer on the Wildcat boys’ basketball team at Beverly Manor this winter as we strive to promote a winning culture through hard work and determination.

6th Grade Basketball (Schedule)

The 5th-6th grade season is an abbreviated CO-ED basketball season that is open to boys or girls interested in honing their skills for next season. The team is coached by Brandon Dempsey ([email protected])

Girls Basketball (Schedule)

For fifth through eighth-grade girls. The Girls’ basketball season is a late Summer to late Fall sport that takes place from the middle of September to the end of November. Tryouts are typically early September. All student-athletes must have a current physical on file before participating in Fall open gyms and tryouts. Coaches, Brandon Dempsey (7th) and Tony Ware (8th) are passionate and experienced in not only developing players on the court but off the court as students and young ladies of the community. Our coaches are focused on promoting a fun environment that builds our student-athletes confidence and work ethic using the sport to teach life lessons, development and preparations for those who aspire to play at the next level. All student-athletes will be expected to be coachable, responsible, committed, respectful and more. During the summer, there will be open gym dates for incoming fifth through eighth graders that will be communicated on the school website.

For more questions email:

Brandon Dempsey - [email protected]

Tony Ware - [email protected]

Band (Schedule)

Band is for anybody in 5th-8th grade who is looking to learn how to play a musical instrument! Concert band and lessons are year-round during the school day and there are opportunities for extra-curricular musical groups such as jazz band, caroling, and solo and ensemble outside of the school day. No physical or prior musical experience is required, only a positive attitude and enthusiasm! Mrs. Sheldon is the band director and can be reached at [email protected] with any questions.

Cheerleading (Schedule)

Cheerleading takes place during the Boys Basketball season which runs from November through January! We start practices in October because we often compete at the State Competition which usually falls on the second Saturday in January. Head coach, Samantha Garcia can be contacted by email at [email protected] but our main form of communication is GroupMe. Cheerleading is for grades 6th-8th. Girls must have a physical on file before the first day in order to try out.

Chess (Meetings)

The Chess Club at Beverly Manor School is thriving! We meet on the third Tuesday of the month after school until 3 pm. Please contact our Chess Club sponsor, Mr. Maxwell, by email with any questions ([email protected]). We welcome all students from grades 5-8. Whether you have never played chess before, or if you are an experienced player, we would love to have you! Being a part of our chess club is a unique experience that offers students the chance to develop learning skills which improve classroom performance. It’s also really fun! Please sign up for Chess Club today!

Choir (Schedule)

The Beverly Manor Choirs are comprised of three ensembles that meet during the day and two extra-curricular ensembles that meet after school. 5th Grade Choir, 6th Grade Choir, and 7-8th Grade Choir meet during the school day. Our extra-curricular ensembles include Men's Ensemble (5th through 8th-grade boys) and Women's Ensemble (6th through 8th-grade girls). All ensembles are open to any student in the appropriate grade level; no audition necessary! For more questions, email [email protected]

Color Guard (Schedule)

Hello, my name is Eclissa Schnoor. I am District 50's Color Guard Coach. Color Guard is truly a unique opportunity that offers so much to every student involved. Color Guard, along with the Marching band, is an activity that teaches discipline, pride, leadership, and self-confidence. Our season starts mid-August before the school year begins, and continues through the end of September/early October. Color Guard is for any 6th-8th grader. I usually hold tryouts in the spring. For any questions, I can be reached at [email protected]

Cross Country (Schedule)

Cross Country is a new sport to District 50. It is a fall sport and runs from August to October. Cross Country is both a team and individual sport involving distance running. Courses are usually laid out on city or county parks, golf courses, or school grounds and often include running hills, paths, or wooded trails. These courses range from 1.98 to 2.01 miles. Anyone from 5th to 8th grade is able to participate. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Wiley [email protected] or Mr. Maxwell [email protected]

Dance Team (Schedule)

Dance team is a new activity to District 50. Performances take place in the winter during boys basketball season. In order to prepare for the season, dance team tryouts are held in August and practices begin once a week following tryouts until basketball games begin in November. The dance team is open to 5th-8th grade students. No prior dance experience is needed in order to try out for the team. The dance team is a great place to grow your confidence, show school spirit, and get involved while having some fun! Contact Miss Brownfield with any questions! [email protected]

Drama (Meetings)

Are you a dramatic individual? Do you like acting? The drama club is the club for you! Not into acting? Join the tech crew for the drama club and help set up the stage and run the show! Each year a new production is chosen to perform for not only our student body but family and friends. Auditions are typically around October/November and practices begin the week following auditions. Drama club runs through the end of April to early May. Any student in grades 5-8 is eligible to audition for the drama club. For any questions, contact Miss Kron [email protected] or Mrs. Liechty [email protected]

Historians + (Meetings)

If you like learning about other countries and their cultures, this is the club for you! We focus on bringing in diverse foods, activities, and languages by studying the history of countries around the world. Historians+ meets every month on the last Wednesday of the month. Join us!

Math Counts (Meetings)

Do you LOVE math?! Do you LOVE competition? Here's your chance to combine the two and learn some new math topics! Mrs. O'Neill, the 8th-grade math teacher, invites any math-loving student in 6th, 7th or 8th grade to be a part of the team! Math Counts typically begins in November, meets once a week and has a one-day competition in February at Bradley University. Listen to the announcements for information regarding the start of this fun club! For more questions, please email [email protected].

Scholastic Bowl (Schedule)

Scholastic Bowl is a fantastic opportunity for students to show what they know! Games consist of different trivia type questions that span across many different subjects. Coached by Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Tapling, the season begins with try-outs held in late December. Practices begin in January and games start in February. The season ends with Regionals and beyond at the end of April. We would love to have you join us next season! See Mrs. Arnold or Mrs. Tapling with any questions or they may be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected].

Science Club (Meetings)

Do you love science so much you wish you had more time in your day to enjoy it? Well Science club is the place for you! We welcome any student grades 4th-8th to participate and conduct fun and engaging scientific investigations. Meetings will begin in the spring and will be once a week. Listen to the announcements for more information come spring time! For more questions, please email either Miss Kron ([email protected]) or Mrs. Baner ([email protected]). 

Softball (Schedule)

The Wildcat's Softball team is available to all girls 6th through 8th grade. The head coach is Carrie Lyles and the assistant coach is Pam Brasher. Softball tryouts typically occur near the end of July and are located at the softball field at Beverly Manor School. All girls must have a current sports physical on file or bring one to the first day of tryouts in order to be eligible to try out. There are no exceptions per IESA rules. Softball season runs from the end of July until the beginning of September. During the summer there will be open field dates for incoming 5th-8th graders. Coach Lyles is committed to promoting a winning culture but more importantly helping to develop the girls as students and respectful citizens as well. Come support the Wildcat Softball team as we look to work hard in order to restore what has been traditionally one of our most successful programs at Beverly Manor School. For further questions, you can contact me at [email protected].

Spelling Bee

Compete with other schools from the area to determine who is the ultimate spelling bee champion! Early in the new year, classrooms across Beverly Manor will decide who will represent their class in the schoolwide spelling bee. Mrs. Athamnah then holds the Beverly Manor Bee in the library to determine who will represent us in the Tazewood area bee. Winners are recognized throughout the school and win a fabulous prize! Who will it BEE this year? Please contact Mrs. Athamnah at [email protected] if you have questions! 

Student Council (Meetings)

The Beverly Manor Student Council is a group of 4-8th graders that make decisions about our school, plan dances and events, and perform community service. We also create and organize D50 spirit wear sales. 6th-8th graders may hold an officer position while 4-5th graders will be elected by their classmates as homeroom representatives. Any 6-8th graders that are not interested in an officer position can just be in Student Council. StuCo meets at least once a month and starts at the beginning of the school year. Mr. Mansfield (7th-grade teacher) and Mrs. Varnold (8th-grade teacher) are the co-sponsors. Reminder notes are sent home with students as needed for items, such as meetings, volunteer positions, notices, events, etc. No physicals are required, but students that wish to participate must fill out and return the StuCo form with a parent signature. Any questions about Student Council can be sent to Mr. Mansfield at [email protected] or Mrs. Varnold at [email protected].

Track (Boys & Girls) (Schedule)

We traditionally practice after school, Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm until 4:00 pm. Our first practice is usually in March at Beverly Manor School. Please contact one of our track and field coaches by email with any questions, Ms. Barger ([email protected]), Mr. Beard ([email protected]) or Mrs. Sonderman at ([email protected]). This is a really talented coaching team with lots of track and field experience (Mr. Beard even still has Washington High School track records waiting to be broken). We welcome all students from grades 5-8. Whether you have never participated/competed in sports before, or if you are an experienced athlete, we would love to have you! Being a part of our track and field program is a unique experience that offers students the chance to improve personal fitness and promote physical/emotional well-being. Track and Field at Beverly Manor School is not just about your athletic ability, but it tests your mental strength as well! Plus we have A LOT of fun! We hope to see you at the informational meeting and hope you join us for a great season!

Volleyball (Schedule)

Our volleyball program is an IESA endorsed program open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade girls. It consists of a 7th grade and 8th grade team. Participants must have a current physical on file and pass a 3 day tryout. The season runs from late November thru early March. In addition to playing against other schools in our area, the teams participate in multiple tournaments. Notices for tryouts will be posted once the dates are set, and team communication is done using TeamSnap. The 8th grade and the 7th grade are both being coached by Trish Moreland. She can be reached at [email protected].

Wildcats United (Schedule)

Wildcats United is all about making a difference within our school and community. We work closely with Special Olympics of Illinois to create a space that focuses on respect and inclusion while also having fun and making friends! Join us for meetings, Unified Fitness, and more. 

Wrestling (Schedule)

Wrestling is a winter sport that runs from early December through March if you make it to state. Wrestling is unique in this town, as it is our only Co-op sport that combines all 3 districts in Washington. Wrestling is a challenging sport that helps create mental and physical toughness in anyone who participates. With wrestling being an individual sport, it is amazing to see the team and family atmosphere that is created by athletes working hard to help make each other better. Especially in our case, bringing 3 schools together that are rivals at every other sport. Also, it is the one sport that will help you grow in every other sport that you play through gaining strength, quickness, agility, and before mentioned mental toughness.   Wrestling is coached by Josh Godinez and Mike Baker. For any questions, feel free to reach out.

Writer's Club (Schedule)

 Are you interested in growing as a writer? In Writer’s Club, we write creatively and share our work with each other to give feedback and grow! We write stories, poetry, song lyrics, and anything else you wish to bring to our community of writers. We also help edit and revise the writing of our peers. If you want to learn to write more creatively and clearly represent your ideas on a page, this is the club for you! Reach out to Mrs. Kline ([email protected]) or Mr. Mansfield ([email protected]) for more details.

Yearbook Club

In Yearbook Club, we design, promote, and sell the District 50 Yearbook. Assisted by teachers, 7th & 8th-grade students use an online computer program to stylize the yearbook by creating pages, choosing cover options, selecting fonts and color palettes, and much more. Students in Yearbook Club are also primarily responsible for taking the pictures that will end up in the yearbook, as well as, conducting interviews for certain pages. This club takes place throughout the entire school year and begins with an initial meeting of interest where students apply for jobs including photographers, interviewers, page editors, and yearbook managers. From there, Yearbook Club sponsors, Mrs. Tapling and Miss Darrow, select students to join the team. Our main goal is to capture the atmosphere of John L. Hensey and Beverly Manor for each school year so students have an original and fun memory book to look back on for years to come.