Update to Parents and Staff

Dear Parents and Staff,

We are writing to address the spike in COVID-19 cases across Illinois and in Tazewell County. 

First, some facts related to our local schools:

  1. There are over 4,300 students and over 500 employees in Washington public schools.

  2. Of the students and staff who have tested positive for, or had to quarantine as a result of exposure to COVID-19, none have been due to exposure while at any of our schools. 

  3. What do our school settings have in common? Masks are required to be worn in schools, with emphasis placed on distancing and frequent hand washing. 

Second, we are committed to keeping our schools open. In order to do so, 

  1. We must have enough healthy staff members to transport, feed and supervise our students. 

  2. We must avoid outbreaks that might cause school closures.

There is no indication yet regarding another statewide school closure, however, we remind everyone that our current situation is similar to being in a severe weather pattern in which our schools could be closed at any time, and with little notice. While we are committed to keeping our schools open, we are notifying parents and staff members to prepare for both short and long term school closures if COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our region. 

Please be safe and take precautions to avoid exposure to COVID-19, which will help keep our schools and local businesses open.


Chad Allaman, Superintendent