District 50 provides free transportation for all students living one and a half miles or more from their assigned school or if living less than the 1.5 miles where walking to school constitutes a State of Illinois designated safety hazard.

Bus routes are established by the transportation director, Mr. Rick Sharp, as a designee of the School Board and the Superintendent. District 50 buses are operated under all State and Federal rules and regulations including safety in operations.

Authorized Bus Stops are approved by the School Board and bus drivers are instructed to stop only at these stops. Requests for additions or changes should be submitted to the Transportation Director in writing.

To help increase accuracy and safety, parents are required to designate a single A.M. bus stop and a single P.M. bus stop for their child/children at the time of registration and to sign this authorization. These are thenpermanent unless changed in writing using the bus stop change form (attached) or using the electronic bus change form at d50schools.com and submitting it to the appropriate school principal’s office, preferably at least one day prior to the requested change to allow for proper notification of teachers and bus drivers.

Parents and students need to have discussed the assigned bus stop(s) and the best/safest way to walk to and from them. Elementary students will need to practice this before school starts.

For Kindergarten and First Grade Students:

There must be someone present at the bus stop every day. This person must be on the emergency contact list as someone who can pick up the child.

The Transportation Director makes regular, random, and requested bus stop visits, but we request adults to help monitor bus stop conduct to keep children safe.

Please review the attached copy of the bus rules with your child and stress safety.

Bus schedules are available at registration and times are approximate. Every effort is made to establish a regular time frame for each bus run but at the start of the year, when weather is poor, and when regular drivers are absent, delays do occur – please be understanding.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us and we will do our best to give or find answers to your concerns. Thank you.

Transportation Director for District 50 Schools


1. Be careful in approaching the place where the bus stops.

2. Be at the designated school bus stop five minutes before the scheduled time.

3. Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.

4. All students will form a line to board the bus. The first to arrive is the first in line. Seats are not to be saved for anyone.

5. Be on the loading side of the road or street before the bus approaches you. If you do have to cross the road, cross when there is no traffic coming either way.

6. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter the bus.

7. Do not move toward the bus at the school loading zone until the bus has been brought to a complete stop.

8. Upon entering the bus, the students will go immediately to the back and sit three to a seat with the front seats being the last ones to be filled. You are never to leave your seat unless the bus driver requests that you do so.

9. The windows may be opened to the half-way position in good weather only.

10. You must not stick your hand, arm, or head outside the bus windows at any time.

11. There will be no loud talking, yelling, or unnecessary confusion which may distract the driver’s attention.

12. Never throw anything inside the bus or out of the windows.

13. No eating or gum chewing on the school bus.

14. Carry no animals on the bus.

15. This is your bus. Keep it looking as clean as possible. Do not carve, mark, or write on seats, walls, windows, floor, etc.

16. Never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.

17. Be alert to a danger signal from the driver.

18. Keep books, packages, coats, and other objects out of the aisles.

19. Be absolutely quiet when approaching a railroad crossing stop.

20. In case of a road emergency, remain in the bus until instructions are given by the driver.

21. Be courteous to fellow pupils and the bus driver.

22. If it is necessary for you to cross the road when you are returned home, proceed to a point at least ten feet in front of the bus on the right shoulder of the road and remain there until a signal is given by the bus driver to cross.

23. The bus will not make any unauthorized stops.

24. Leave no books, lunches, or other articles on the bus.

25. After leaving the bus, help look after the safety and comfort of smaller children.

26. Observe the same rules and regulations on other trips under school sponsorship as you observe between home and school. Also, respect the wishes of the chaperone appointed by the school.

27. At all times you are to obey the bus driver. Continued violations will result in a temporary suspension of the privilege of riding the bus. If infraction continues to occur, permanent suspension from bus transportation will result.

28. The most important rule is SAFETY -- for you and everyone who rides the bus.