District 50 Free Meal Signup is now available! Meal pickup includes breakfast, lunch, and snack. Hot Dog for lunch! Yum yum! Use the attached link to sign up for meals. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZg3SUK08T74P7R0iLvBKrDtAw8TLhbFvdC1-M6vEfTGF1mg/viewform?usp=pp_url
2 months ago, Mrs. Wood
DROP-OFF TIMES 2-3 MINS LATER BEGINNING MONDAY… PINK BUS #44 & PURPLE BUS #55 will experience 2-3 minute later drop-off times beginning next Monday, November 16th for riders in the following drop-off areas: Jasmine/Bittersweet, Summit, Summit Estates, and Farmdale. *Please call or email if you have questions: 745-3921--ext 334 or [email protected]. Thank you!
2 months ago, Mr. Lawless
District 50 PTC is hosting a fall fundraiser, partnered with Busy Corner Pies. Order forms will be sent home this week, and are due by 12/1/20. We appreciate your support of D50 PTC, & generosity - all funds raised are used to support our schools, students, teachers & community!
2 months ago, Jessica Sale
D50 PTC Pie Fundraiser
District 50 PTC is hosting a fall fundraiser, partnered with Busy Corner Pies. Order forms will be sent home this week, and are due by 12/1/20. We appreciate your support of D50 PTC, & generosity - all funds raised are used to support our schools, students, teachers & community!
2 months ago, Jessica Sale
The Students and Staff would like to provide a special thanks to our Veterans today. Thank you for your service in any of our military branches. We appreciate the liberties and freedoms you have and continue to provide for us all. While we were unable to host our annual Veteran's Breakfast, the students and staff at Beverly Manor would still like to extend our thanks and show that this day is for you! Thank you, Veterans! https://www.wevideo.com/view/1918607589
2 months ago, Mr. Corey Sharp
Please consider helping us spread the warmth this holiday season, in lieu of our annual Angel Tree. Contact Bri Stewart (Hensey) [email protected] or Jeri Hudgens (Manor) [email protected] for questions or to volunteer!
2 months ago, Hensey Counselor
D50 Coat Drive
Thank you Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Merchant Marine service members for your service to our country! Happy Veterans Day!
2 months ago, Chad Allaman
🏀 Girl’s Basketball Open Gyms 🏀 Don’t forget that we are still having our open gyms each week! Thank you to the girls and families that have shown the utmost dedication to the sport and their school team by showing up! Get signed up or see when you have signed up here: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/30e044caca922a7fa7-d502020
2 months ago, Jennifer Miller
Parents: it is VERY IMPORTANT that your child brings a reusable water bottle to school with them every day. Due to safety measures with our water fountains, our students rely on the ability to refill their water bottles during the day for drinks. Even in the winter months it is important for your child to have a bottle or cup with them every day to be able to have water during the school day.
2 months ago, Jessica Sale
District 50 Free Meal Friday Signup is now available. Meal pickup includes breakfast, lunch, and snack. Tomorrow is chicken strips! WooHoo! Use the attached link to sign up for meals. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZg3SUK08T74P7R0iLvBKrDtAw8TLhbFvdC1-M6vEfTGF1mg/viewform?usp=pp_url
2 months ago, Mrs. Wood
Manor Students Riding BUS #44 in the AFTERNOON Parents: NO TIME CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE, but we will begin decreasing the amount of on-bus time for riders who usually remain on bus 44 for the entire afternoon route. Starting tomorrow, bus riders who are not dropped @ Hensey School will remain in the Manor Library until bus #44 returns (around 1:50pm---as it usually does). Bus riders will be supervised until loaded on the bus from Manor. This adjustment will enhance our student (and adult) protections for bus riders by reducing rider time on the bus & improving conditions (distancing, etc.) during transit. Thanks for your support of D50 students!
3 months ago, Mr. Lawless
School Bus
Beverly Manor Families, The end of October has arrived and the Student of the Month & Class of the Month submissions are in! Congrats to our October classes of the month in our attached picture. Well done! Congratulations as well to the following students of the month and their success stories! Madison Lyles: Madison is a very responsible, and hard working student in class. She has a positive attitude and is helpful and caring towards all. In addition, she made Honor Roll during the first nine weeks! Teagan Perhay: Teagan is hard working and puts great effort into all of her assignments. She is very helpful and caring to all. She made Honor Roll the first nine weeks as well. Aiden Payne: Aiden is always willing to help a friend or a teacher at any time! He is a great student and is willing to work to get a job done. He is also very positive and happy each day, bringing smiles wherever he goes. He truly is showing the Will of the Wildcat! Trinity Salter: Trinity is a very hard worker. She takes her time, participates, and does her best work. She is also kind and accepting to those around her. Nolan Sonderman: Nolan has been working very hard on learning a new instrument for the band and has gone above and beyond expectations with this instrument due to his effort and dedication to learning it! Aiden Taylor: He is a new student to the district and came in during the school year without knowing anyone. He has actively and successfully made friends with his peers and has gone above and beyond in embodying the "Will of a Wildcat". He is responsible, respectful, and a joy to have in class. Aiden goes out of his way to help all staff and students. When asked to do something he does it right away with no problems. He even tries to guide the other students in the class to get along with everyone to be friends. He consistently finishes his work and asks if he can help other students. He is well behaved and has an excellent rapport with everyone he has encountered. We couldn't be more pleased with his ability to adapt to a new school with new rules. Sean Ferraro: "Sean is amazing 1. He raises his hand more than any student I know. 2. He is kind and hardworking. 3. He is inquisitive and continues to seek more knowledge. 4. He makes those around him better." Jacey Hawkins: Jacey is very respectful and polite to everyone that she comes in contact with throughout the day. Jacey is always willing to help her teachers with classroom needs. She helps students at her table who may need assistance. She always wants to improve and do better. Annisa Eyres: Annisa has taken on auditioning for an extra group outside of school and has excelled at her music through her hard work! She also is a leader in the 8th grade band and a very dependable student! Brooklyn Bowman: Brooklyn is SO KIND! She is SO HELPFUL! We have had new students this year and she has always introduced herself to them, asks if they need anything and includes everyone she is around. She also supports her classmates in sports and academics and encourages them to participate. When it comes to academics, she excels and focuses on succeeding in all subjects. How many books has she read already this year; 4, 5 or 6? When she isn't reading, she is busy with sports! She is an all-around excellent student and friend! :) Congrats to these students. They will each receive a prize next week and have a photo posted to this thread. We are excited for our next group in November. Keep working hard Wildcats!
3 months ago, Mr. Corey Sharp
Starting Monday November 2nd, District 50 will be offering all students a FREE after school snack. Snacks will be distributed daily in their homerooms. Attached is the snack menu for the month of November. It will also be available on the District 50 website. On the menu is also an enrichment activity we encourage students to complete daily. Remote learners will be able to receive a snack when they pick up their meals. We are excited to be able to offer this new service.
3 months ago, Mrs. Wood
November 2020 Snack Menu
It looks like it will be a BOO-tiful night for the drive-thru Boo Bash! Beverly Manor is one of the host sites for the WCHS sponsored Boo Bash this year. We will have all visitors enter through the drop-off/pick-up lane at the back of our building and make their way to the front lot for candy pick-up. This event starts at 5:30 and ends at 7:30. We can't wait for round two of these fantastic costumes! *The John L. Hensey Trunk or Treat Event is also tonight from 5:30-7:00 with map details posted on facebook. Thank you to Jacob Weston from State Farm for sponsoring the District 50 trunk with candy!!
3 months ago, Mr. Corey Sharp
District 50 Free Meal Friday Signup is now ready! Signup now for a delicious pulled pork sandwich. As a bonus tomorrow, all lunches will be served with a Halloween treat. Use the attached link to register for meals: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZg3SUK08T74P7R0iLvBKrDtAw8TLhbFvdC1-M6vEfTGF1mg/viewform?usp=pp_url
3 months ago, Mrs. Wood
Just a reminder that the Hensey Trunk or Treat event is tonight from 5:30-7:00 pm. This is a drive thru event and we are asking that everyone remain in their vehicles as they drive through to collect their goodies. Please turn right into the east Parking lot and proceed down the lot, you will then turn left on to the blacktop behind the school, and then proceed down the blacktop and take another left to come through the west Parking lot. At the exit please take a right onto Almond Drive to avoid traffic congestion. We look forward to seeing everyone tonight and please be patient as the line may move slowly.
3 months ago, Mrs. Jamie Wolf
District 50 PTC is celebrating National Education Week with our teachers 11/16-11/20. While we love the baked goodies and treats normally donated by our amazing parents - this year looks a little different. If you would still like to donate and are able, we are accepting monetary donations through November 12th to cover teacher gifts and a catered lunch at the schools.
3 months ago, Jessica Sale
NEW Flyer
Parents - Just a reminder : students will NOT be in attendance next week on Tuesday, 11/3. We WILL have school on Monday, 11/2; and also on Wednesday 11/4 & Thursday 11/5. Fridays are remote learning days when ALL students work remotely from home.
3 months ago, Jessica Sale
If you're a Tazewell County resident who's been quarantined due to COVID-19, the Tazewell County Health Department may be able to provide help with utility payments, grocery delivery, mental health support, mortgage/rental payments, thermometers, and short-term housing. There are no income requirements, and we can assist a single person, family, or a multi-person household. For more information, call (309) 478-5685 today. https://www.tazewellhealth.org/384/3943/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19-RESOURCES?fbclid=IwAR1RwKcEsCd2lkALXRmgIGnOLukV9wjyIRZVyfYP3uWd9OWqnjrkrYwu2wQ
3 months ago, Hensey Counselor
Health Dept.
Job Opening: Beverly Manor is currently searching and interviewing for candidates to fill a full-time paraprofessional opening. Please view the posting and licensure requirements if interested. (A Substitute Teaching license is preferred, but not required. *A Para license is the minimum requirement)
3 months ago, Mr. Corey Sharp